HOLO is a minimalistic math-puzzle game.
Players are collect numbers and tries to reach the figure of 1000.
Every 1000 points is a HOLO and points added to score bar. The players compete for the highest score by collecting the HOLOs.

HOLO is played on a 3×3 playground. The numbers set as the commensurate are shifted every 5 seconds to the game board. The players try to reach the total number of 1000 by choosing between these numbers. Every 1000 points is a HOLO. When players reach HOLO, score points are written +1000 points. 





Each digit on the game board has a certain score value.
Smaller numbers give more points while higher numbers give less points.
Players should pay attention to the time when collecting points. All the numbers collected help to extend the playing time by saving time in a certain way.